Plant-based meat labeling bill passes Kansas House, restaurants exempt

The bill “is needed to protect consumers from deceptive labels,” said Rep. Joe Newland, R-Neodesha, who carried the bill on the House floor. “Meat labels require pre-approval from USDA, but no similar requirements exist for non-meat products.” Newland told the Capital-Journal that restaurants weren’t included in the bill because “our main consideration is that consumer … Read more

Permission for cultured meat sampling next step towards sustainable meat

Today, the Dutch House of Representatives passed a motion proposed by the D66 and VVD parties to make sampling of cultured meat legally possible. According to Mosa Meat (one of two companies in the Netherlands working on the development of cultured meat), the strong support of the House of Representatives for cultured meat “speaks volumes … Read more

Lab-grown meat start-ups hope to make strides in 2022

Cultivated or cultured meats are real animal products made in labs and commercial production facilities. Right now, the process is costly, but researchers and entrepreneurs say over time manufacturing will become more efficient and less expensive. If consumers switch to cultivated meat, it could help reduce greenhouse gases from agriculture and ease climate change. Source: … Read more

No bones, no scales, no eyeballs: appetite grows for cell-based seafood

Cell-based seafood—derived from commonly consumed fish (for example, salmon and tuna) or shellfish (for example, crustaceans such as shrimp and crab)—is also known as cultured, cellular or in vitro seafood. It is derived from the tissue of an aquatic species, but has never been part of a live, swimming animal. The flesh is made in … Read more

JUST Egg’s Key Ingredient Receives European Safety Approval, Paves Way for Launch

Eat Just, Inc., a company that applies cutting-edge science and technology to create healthier, more sustainable foods, announced today that the key ingredient in its popular plant-based JUST Egg products has received approval from the European Food Safety Authority’s (EFSA) expert panel on nutrition. This paves the way for the initial launch of JUST Egg … Read more

Regulatory approvals, scale next hurdles for cell-based meat category 

The question is no longer if the technologies used to develop products are viable, but how they will be regulated? In addition to price and achieving economies of scale, Lux Research identified regulatory approval as a principal challenge facing the cell-based meat category and noted that while Singapore’s approval in 2020 is a step in … Read more

France falls behind as other countries master ‘cultured meat’

The non-profit Cellular Agriculture France has sounded the alarm on an industry it says is being neglected by France, despite making strides elsewhere. Co-founder Nathalie Rolland, a food science specialist, said the known benefits of cultivated meat to human health, animal welfare and the environment warranted public money being spent on its development. “If the … Read more

Cultivated meat is gaining momentum—and pathways for regulatory approval

As cultivated meat moves closer to—and enters—markets globally, various countries are using existing novel food regulations or developing new ones to assess the new products. To bolster the cultivated meat industry around the globe, we’re sharing where several key regions currently stand with cultivated meat regulation. Source: Cultivated meat is gaining momentum—and pathways for regulatory … Read more

Europe? The U.S.? Israel? Which Country Might Be Next to Approve Cultured Meat

The question was asked again this week when an article from Food Navigator zeroed in on Europe, noting, “Europeans want to know when it will be their turn: when will cultivated meat be served on EU plates?” It seems the most probable answer is three to five years. Source: Europe? The U.S.? Israel? Which Country … Read more