Bioprocessing technology of muscle stem cells: implications for cultured meat: Trends in Biotechnology

Muscle stem cells (MuSCs) are essential for the growth, maintenance, and repair of skeletal muscle. In the emerging area of cultured meat, meat products are manufactured with MuSCs using theory and technology from the fields of cell culture, tissue engineering, and food processing. Recently, considerable progress has been made in bioprocessing technologies for MuSCs, including … Read more

Analysis of the Cultured Meat Production System in Function of Its Environmental Footprint: Current Status, Gaps and Recommendations

Cultured meat has been presented as an environmentally friendlier option to conventional meat, but due to the limited data, the studies related to its performance are scarce and based on hypothetical production processes. This work provides a short literature review of the published environmental assessments of cultured meat. The main findings of this critical analysis … Read more

An Overview of the Challenges and Innovations of the Current Cellular Aquaculture Industry 

Cellular aquaculture has much potential as a new way to meet the limitations of wild capture and aquaculture in supplying the global demand for seafood. Cell-based seafood would also help conserve and restore our oceans and aquatic habitats, as the industry becomes increasingly efficient and innovative. Source: An Overview of the Challenges and Innovations of … Read more

Muscle stem cell isolation and in vitro culture for meat production: A methodological review

Cultured muscle tissue-based protein products, also known as cultured meat, are produced through in vitro myogenesis involving muscle stem cell culture and differentiation, and mature muscle cell processing for flavor and texture. This review focuses on the in vitro myogenesis for cultured meat production. The muscle stem cell-based in vitro muscle tissue production consists of … Read more

Analysis of Scientific and Press Articles Related to Cultured Meat for a Better Understanding of Its Perception

The main conclusion is that cultured meat is mainly developing in the USA and the UK, with other countries, such as China, observing the trend for potential future applications. Scientific articles seemed initially to focus mainly on technical aspects of artificial meat and more recently on health value, consumer’s acceptance, and sustainability. However, the potential … Read more

Scientific, sustainability and regulatory challenges of cultured meat

Here, we review the scientific and social challenges in transforming cultured meat into a viable commercial option, covering aspects from cell selection and medium optimization to biomaterials, tissue engineering, regulation and consumer acceptance. Source: Scientific, sustainability and regulatory challenges of cultured meat | Nature Food

Conceptual Evolution and Scientific Approaches About Synthetic Meat

Cellular agriculture has been considered a mechanism to enable the generation of animal protein in the laboratory. Notwithstanding, this emerging technology, still on an experimental scale, is imbued with speculations, paradoxes, and ambiguities. So, the objective of this research was to analyze how synthetic meat is considered in the scientific context from the perspective of … Read more

The Myth of Cultured Meat: A Review

This review aims to update the current knowledge on this subject by focusing on recent publications and issues not well described previously. The main conclusion is that no major advances were observed despite many new publications. Indeed, in terms of technical issues, research is still required to optimize cell culture methodology. Source: The Myth of … Read more

Lab Grown Meat 2019 Year in Review and Look Ahead to 2020

2019 Review A Modest Beginning “Meat sludge” is the most basic and unstructured output of cell based meat. What about flavor, shape, and texture? Well, that’s where things get difficult.  2019 may have marked a realization from cell based meat companies to start with “hybrid lab grown meat” products blended with plant based fats and … Read more