Scientists use algae to cultivate boneless sea bass fillet

A team of scientists plans to use algae to develop new techniques for cultivating boneless fish fillets from sea bass cells.The Algae2Fish project is being led by Associate Professor Frederico Ferreira from the University of Lisbon’s Institute for Bioengineering and Biosciences, with funding from sustainable food NGO the Good Food Institute (GFI). Source: Scientists use … Read more

Gelatex gets $1.2m to grow its cheap cultured meat tools

Enter Gelatex, an Estonian materials startup which says it can cut the cost of producing cultured meat by “up to 90%”. It’s not creating the meat itself, but selling scaffolds — sheets made from nanofibrous materials like soy protein, which provide the structural support for cell growth — to other firms to use to create … Read more

Decellularized spinach serves as an edible platform for laboratory-grown meat

Spinach, a cost-efficient and environmentally friendly scaffold, provided an edible platform upon which a team of researchers led by a Boston College engineer has grown meat cells, an advance that may accelerate the development of cultured meat, according to a new report in the advance online edition of the journal Food BioScience. Source: Decellularized spinach … Read more

Cell-cultured meat gamechanger? Matrix Meats to showcase nanofiber scaffolding in ‘solid meat product’ this year

Matrix Meats – an Ohio-based startup developing customizable nanofiber scaffolds for cell-cultured meat production – will showcase a prototype “solid meat product such as a thin piece of steak” in partnership with a cultured meat co by the end of this year as a demonstration of its technology, billed as a potential gamechanger in the … Read more

IIT-Guwahati researchers develop lab-grown meat which is eco-friendly and more nutritious

This method can be manipulated depending on whether the consumer demands lean and fatty meat product, or a solid dry meat product to be available in various shapes and sizes. Daily edible components are being used to make the support matrix in order to increase the nutrient content of the meat product Source: IIT-Guwahati researchers … Read more