Labeling the future: ______ salmon

Today, we are on the cusp of another breakthrough in technology, this time in seafood and meat production, and we are being asked to select a name early in a technology’s lifespan. Indeed, no cultivated meat, poultry, or seafood products have been brought to market in the United States, yet an important debate is underway to determine appropriate nomenclature that is consistent with labeling laws in this country.

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Other alternatives to meat

Nestlé enters market for plant-based seafood alternatives

Nestlé today announced the launch of a plant-based alternative to tuna, its first move into the growing market for plant-based seafood alternatives.The plant-based tuna alternative can be used in a wide range of dishes such as salads, sandwiches and pizzas. It has the flaky texture and rich flavor that makes tuna a favorite in many meals.Made from a combination of only six plant-based ingredients, it is rich in nutritious pea protein, one of the most environmentally friendly sources of plant-based protein. It contains all the essential amino acids and is free of artificial colorings or preservatives.

Source: Nestlé enters market for plant-based seafood alternatives | Nestlé Global

Compagnies and key players

Creating clean, cell-based shrimp with Shiok Meats

Due to a lack of academic research and background knowledge regarding cells and crustacean stem cells its taken them approx. two years to fill in any research gaps and to truly understand the entire biology, chemistry and physics behind the operation of stem cells, but they have “managed to make quite a bit of progress on the technology” and are looking to “commercialize this product in the next two to two and a half years.”

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Webinar: Opportunities in Alternative Seafood, June 25th

With global seafood demand projected to rise over the coming decades and sustainable seafood production unable to keep pace, the opportunities for plant-based and cultivated seafood development and commercialization are endless. Join the Good Food Institute and Changing Tastes for a webinar on alternative seafood.

GFI will discuss the need for new seafood production systems and how plant-based and cultivated products can fill in the looming supply gaps. We will then discuss the current market landscape of both plant-based and cultivated seafood.

Changing Tastes will then explore the findings for their new, unprecedented study into what consumers and key buyers think we will be eating in the next 2-3 years. Their research explores what’s driving Americans to look away from the ocean to satisfy their appetites. With plant-based and cultivated seafood in focus, Changing Tastes will also look at what species and types of products will be most in-demand, where consumers will be buying them, what will be considered the most delicious choices in the near future, and how COVID19 has changed the market.

Source: Webinar: Opportunities in Alternative Seafood