Insects and lab-grown meat on the menu for some, survey suggests

Of the almost 2,000 people who took part in the survey, 90% had heard of plant-based proteins, while 80% were familiar with edible insects, and 78% with lab-grown meat. While a majority (77%) perceived plant-based proteins as being safe to eat, this dropped to half for edible insects and 30% for lab-grown meat. Around 34% … Read more

Farmers expect rapid growth for plant-based meats, but don’t like it

Half of the farmers surveyed by Purdue University said plant-based proteins could hold up to 10% of the meat market in five years and some expected the share to be much larger. Most of the respondents to the Ag Economy Barometer poll said they would not grow crops for processing into a meat alternative, even … Read more

A Survey of Consumer Perceptions of Plant-Based and Clean Meat in the USA, India, and China

We found high levels of acceptance of clean meat in the three most populous countries worldwide, and with even higher levels of acceptance in China and India compared to the USA. These results underline the importance of clean meat producers exploring new markets for their products, especially as meat consumption in developing countries continues to … Read more

Survey: Are consumers warming up to the idea of cell cultured meat?

Just over 40% of those surveyed described the concept of products created with these new technologies as “scary,”​ with no intention of adding them to their diets – perhaps unsurprisingly given the terminology used. Notably, younger consumers (Gen Z and millennials) were significantly more willing to try foods produced in these novel ways as only … Read more