Libre Foods Closes $2.5 Million Seed Round, Plant Alt Bacon Launch Across Europe

Barcelona biotech startup Libre Foods has announced the closure of a $2.5 million seed round to scale its mushroom bacon, with plans for whole cut chicken and steak in the works. The round was led by Green Generation Fund and counted return investors Good Seed Ventures, alongside ProVeg International and Veg Capital. Source: Libre Foods … Read more

To meat, or not to meat: The future of Japanese cellular agriculture

Taken together, Japan’s nascent vegan movement, desire for meat and willingness to experiment with new technology stand Hanyu in good stead. Add land shortages and continued funding interest to the mix and the scene may be set for his desired future. But the obstacles to cultured meat are as real in Japan as they are … Read more

Unlimeat: Korean Plant-Based Beef Made From Upcycled Grains Launches In Hong Kong

Unlimeat is a 100% plant based beef alternative developed by South Korean food tech manufacturer Zikooin, and is made from grains, oats and nuts that would be otherwise thrown away due to aesthetic imperfections. The product is South Korea’s first homegrown addition to the booking alternative meat and protein industry. Source: Unlimeat: Korean Plant-Based Beef … Read more