webinar : Producing meat without the animal

Cellular agriculture is an emerging field that has the potential to mitigate many of the issues within our food systems and provide an alternative solution. You may be wondering – what is cellular agriculture? Cellular agriculture, also known as cultured or cultivated meat, is where agricultural products (such as meat, milk, and leather) are produced … Read more

Digital 2nd Annual Industrializing Cell-Based Meat Summit 2020, August 25-27

At a time when our environmental footprint is at its largest and demand for animal-based products is growing rapidly, ensuring sustainability and reducing our impact on a global scale is paramount. Alongside this, cell-based meat technology has seen a dramatic advancement, including a burger up on the International Space Station and new exciting varieties of … Read more

Webinar: Overview of the European plant-based food market and consumer, June 30th

The demand for plant-based food is surging across the globe, and consumers from North America to Asia are increasingly interested in delicious plant-based products. In response to this growing demand, the Good Food Institute will be hosting a series of webinars highlighting different plant-based markets around the world. Up first: the Good Food Institute is … Read more

Webinar: Opportunities in Alternative Seafood, June 25th

With global seafood demand projected to rise over the coming decades and sustainable seafood production unable to keep pace, the opportunities for plant-based and cultivated seafood development and commercialization are endless. Join the Good Food Institute and Changing Tastes for a webinar on alternative seafood. GFI will discuss the need for new seafood production systems … Read more

Plant-Based Foodservice Market Overview Webinar Registration, June 18th

NPD SupplyTrack data released by The Good Food Institute shows U.S. wholesale foodservice sales of plant-based meat grew 37% last year, with especially strong market share gains in the quick-service restaurant channel. This webinar will explore sales data across commercial and non-commercial foodservice segments Source: Plant-Based Foodservice Market Overview Webinar Registration

Webinars ‘From cell culture to food’ May, 6/13/20/27 (2020)

With this intake form you can sign up for the webinars of ‘from cell culture to food, making it an European reality’. Webinar 1, 6.05.2020, 17.00 – 18.45: European actors The European Cellular Agriculture Scene: who are active now and where are we missing activity: Alex Holst Consumer Attitude in Europe and how to frame … Read more